M2M4 304 Stainless Steel Knurled Cup Head Hexagonal Screws And Nuts Set 1080PCS

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Product information:

Includes screws, nuts and washers of various common sizes. They are commonly used in mechanical furniture, automobile and motorcycle maintenance and DIY inventions

Drive type: hexagonal slot;

Material: 12, 9 steel (black screw) or stainless steel (silver screw)

Main color: Silver

Quantity: 1080

Packing list:

20 pcs M2 x 4mm

20 pcs M2 x 6mm
20 pcs M2 x 8mm
20 pcs M2 x 12mm
20 pcs M2 x 16mm
20 pcs M2 x 20mm
120 M2 nuts
120 pieces M2 washer
20 pcs M3 x 4mm
20 pcs M3 x 8mm
20 pcs M3 x 12mm
20 pcs M3 x 16mm
20 pcs M3 x 20mm
20 pcs M3 x 30mm
120 M3 nuts
120 pieces M3 washer
20 pcs M4 x 6mm
20 pcs M4 x 10mm
20 pcs M4 x 14mm
20 pcs M4 x 18mm
20 pcs M4 x 20mm
20 pcs M4 x 30mm
120 M4 nuts
120 M4 washers