Sub-metering Panel Wireless Version

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This panel represents a turnkey solution to start sub-metering any space or equipment you need.

The electric meter measures and displays the characteristics of single phase two wires (1p2w), three phase three wires (3p3w) and three phase four wires (3p4w) supplies, including voltage, frequency, current, power, active and reactive energy, imported or exported. Energy is measured in terms of kWh, kVArh.

The integrated ModHopper is a breakthrough mesh technology design that makes connecting Modbus and pulse devices simple and cost effective. This “smart” ModHopper transceiver eliminate the need for costly wiring runs allowing users to capture meter data in the most challenging retrofit and campus environments. Collect meter points in existing buildings with minimum down-time or disruption of day-to-day operations.

This wireless Modbus/Pulse transceiver capture remote meter points. The high powered radios allow you to easily collect meter data from multiple buildings over long distances. The unique “mesh” technology provides optimized routing of communications with no pc or software configuration, meaning the ModHopper works immediately “out of the box.” This self-managed mesh network means that the system will function with high reliability where other wireless systems fail due to short- or long-term interference. ModHoppers can be used with any Modbus Master or gateway making them an ideal solution for any project.

The ModHopper is compatible with virtually any PLC or Modbus RTU device, allowing customers the flexibility to use the ModHopper in existing Modbus applications. The ModHopper is a “smart” device, which requires no programming. Use it with our GreenConnect cloud system to take advantage of plug-and play communication. Ask about our dashboard interface, and start fighting parasitic building loads now. You can take as reference the next case.

Enclosure Specs (1 included)

  • Hinged cover with slotted-head quarter-turn cam lock.
  • Heavy duty 16 gauge welded steel construction.
  • Easily removable concentric knockouts on all four sides for industry standard conduit sizes.
  • Four wall mounting holes in back.
  • Embossed grounding hole in bottom allows easy access and flush wall mounting. Durable ANSI 65 grey powder coating.
  • Complies with NEMA and UL type 1 rating.

Fuses Specs (3 installed + 3 Spare included)

  • Rated Voltage: 500 Volt; Rated Current: 1 Amp.
  • Total Size: 10x38mm/0.4x1.5" (D*L).
  • Fuse Type: Quick Breaking.
  • Quick acting design protects crucial electrical system components and wiring.
  • Mainly used for protecting the electrical circuit against overload and short circuit, it also derive for protecting the semiconductor objects.

Electric Meter Specs (1 included)

CT Options Specs (3 included)

Electric Input Characteristics:

  • Phase to phase 85 to 275V a.c. 50/60Hz ±10%
  • Phase to phase 120V to 380V d.c. ±20%.
  • Consumption < 25W.


  • Utility submetering (electric, gas, water, etc.).
  • Metering in existing buildings (retrofit)
  • Cost Allocation.
  • Measurement and Verification.
  • Benchmark building energy usage.
  • Multi-tenant submetering projects
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Track energy use and peak demand for Demand Response.
  • DC current monitoring for Renewable Energy.

Clarifications and Exclusions:

  1. Installation and setting up cost are not included, but can be offered to an additional cost.
  2. GreenConnect integration also available to an additional cost. Monthly support and maintenance fees comes with this service.
  3. Customized options available.
  4. Returns not accepted. Only replacement available in case of defective product.
  5. Manufacturing Lead Time: 1-2 weeks.